Sophie Luck

The Nap System
Plywood, acrylic perspex, metal, foam, linen
Dimensions: 104cm x 97cm (bench) and 45cm x 60cm (window), 42cm x 30cm (nap system sign)

Sophie Luck’s sculpture, The Nap System, explores the science of proxemics (spatial boundaries between people), COVID-19 and how these issues affect each other. The Nap System applies proxemics to strangers forced into occupying intimate spaces with one another on public transport. This results in behaviours that people conform to when preserving privacy. At home, strangers are forced into intimate spaces during housing crises. The crisis forces people further from their workplace to find affordable homes. More travel, less sleep. People will share beds, why not benches? The Nap System proposes a non-intrusive, humorous solution that adheres to new regulations. While sleeping, we naturally avoid strangers.